sports day

Grant celebrations of 6th Annual Sports Day at APS Golconda
As a part of 6th annual sports day, the students of classes 1- 3 had put up a spectacular show of wide and varied drill dances on the theme’Team spirit and Patriotism’ on the very first day. Variety of races including long races, hurdle races etc were conducted. Mrs Rashmi Butalia President FWO Arty Centre graced the occasion & Mrs Vidya Muralidharan Principal APS Golconda precided over the function. Winners were awarded with medals and certificates.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”
The second day of Annual Sports Day celebrations were held at Makhan Singh Stadium and was graced by Col Anurag Vij Depty Comdt Arty Centre. Mrs Rashmi Butalia President FWO, Arty Centre, Hyderabad was the Guest of Honour for the day. Various track events were conducted which showcased the team spirit of the students. The vibrant drill dances performed by classes IV-V were feast to the eyes. Tilak house was selected as Best Marching Contingent, Sports and Academics Trophies were bagged by Gandhi House and Patel House received the CCA & Overall Trophies.

“Success isn’t given. It’s earned on the ground and in the field.” This was proved by APSG.
The first InterSchool Athletic Fest was held on the third day of the Annual Sports day Celebrations at Makhan Singh Stadium. 17 schools participated in the fest. Various track events were conducted in which there was a neck to neck competition amongst the participants. Eventually it was none other than APSG who won the Overall Championship Trophy.

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