Science day

“Science isn’t about why, it’s about why not”

Every year in order to popularize the benefits of scientific knowledge and its practical appropriation, APS Golconda celebrates National Science Day.
The basic objective of this is to spread the message of importance of science and its application among the students.

The special assembly of the day was started with the speech of Mrs Sharda Jha, in which she compared the students to an electron which becomes electricity. She also motivated them to come out of the narrow circles of religion, caste, and creed, cheap and vulgar thoughts and reach up to the highest plane and serve the humanity to the fullest and the best. It also encouraged them to develop great urge to lead an exemplary life leaving footprints for generations to follow.
It was followed by a skit presentation on ‘A journey from the fall of apple to photon’ by students of class VI. Later on a quiz competition was conducted for classes VI-VIII on 27 Feb 2015.

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