school carnival

Saturday was the day of fun and frolic which was organized by the teachers of Army Public School Golconda for children to enjoy themselves and have their fill . It was totally amazing to have a school carnival instead of having the same assembly each year. There were various stalls like; noodles ,popcorn ,tattoos ,sweet corn ,chicken and vegetable biriyani ,bungee jump, camel rides ,horse rides, tackling the bull, ice creams ,chocolate fountains , healthy sandwiches and many interesting games. I went to almost all the stalls and all of them were fun-filled, entertaining and yummy too .For example; chocolate fountain was so mouthwatering that it got flooded with customers the moment it was opened up. And there were many innovative game stalls too in the Fun zone.Even before the inauguration, one of the game stalls had 80 plus customers. In the end, I would like to say that this was the most apt celebration of Annual Carnival and should be an annual affair as it was the most joyous one ever. We all loved it and are already looking forward to having it the next year.

Aman Husain
Class 7-A

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