CBSE Regional Science Exhibition

“Young scientists at work”
APS Golconda has made a remarkable entry into CBSE National level science Exhibition after their victorious performance at CBSE Regional level Science Exhibition held at Meridian School, Banjarahiils Hyderabad from 21-23 Jan 2015. The event showcased various exhibits made by the students of different schools based on the real-life applicability like Buzzers For Dustbins, Solar-Powered Cars, Website For Public Grievances, Aquaponics etc . Around fifty schools participated in the exhibition.
It was a good exposure to the participants as they could channelize their creativity and showcase their talent.
Our theme for the project was ‘Waste management’ entitled Smart Cities. Its objective was to investigate the various methods used to manage waste in our community and to make our country Swachh Bharat or a Clean India.

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